Being the extremely amateur but extremely enthusiastic Mycologist I am, I just had to throw up this post on my weekend Score of Amanita. Speaking of throwing up, there’s an old joke amongst this new wonderful world of peeps I’ve recently discovered, and that’s that all mushrooms are edible… but some only once. As my brother-in-law is fond of chiding me, “just make sure you take a picture of whatever it is so that when you go to the emergency room, they know what to do.” Lol

I sent this pic along with the text “Deadly or Delicious?” to our renowned southern Pejuta Wicasa Plant Medicine Man Darryl Patton who visited in July. His response: “Aminita. A great Medicinal. If you have access to them, I’ll swap for as many dried caps as you can find. Great for pain.” FYI NOT edible but in the form of a topical solution. Since I’m usually in pain, I thought: Terrific! I’m joking (sorta), but The Higher Haven being the Land of Great Healing, learning more and more about the sacred medicine cabinet that is planet Earth, the trade is On. “I always did believe that God never did make no mistakes. He never made anything he didn’t make a remedy for,” said Darryl’s teacher Tommie Bass.”The Lord has put something out there if we would only go out there and hunt it.” That statement now reminds me of the words of my own Medicine Man Teacher, who was fond of saying, “Creator hides things from us in life, things we know in our heart we want and need, just to see if we’re going to have the courage, persistence and determination to go and get it.”

 That said, regarding your own seeking and healing, we just enjoyed a Killer Contrary Ceremonial weekend that I look forward to telling you all about, just as soon as the Oyates (People) who were present give me the word(s). Good news for all the Ladies, we’ve moved our Fall Equinox Female Empowerment Weekend to a pre-Holiday centering date of the weekend of November 15th-17th. We’ll have that moved and ready for further registration on the schedule forthwith, and in the meantime, consider our Fall Comprehensive Spiritual Development Retreat, or our Meditation Class for Young People on Saturday October 5th. And if you’re in need of more immediate centering, come on out and join us for tonight’s Hump Day Meditation Class. More good news from the backwoods of Southwest Michigan soon.