Xin loi - a very sincere Vietnamese apology - to all the folks who have written and are seeking a retreat in the Lunar New Year 2019. Our February offering is right there - a life-changing Winter Workshop based on Native American Spirituality. And we’ll be offering a similar but slightly different approach in March, based on the teachings of The Lakota Heyoka - learning and experience that will give you the Power to rewrite your own life story and turn things around for the better - during the weekends of March 9-10 and March 23-24 with details and registration information soon to come. Cam on - Thanks - for your patience all, we should have our entire Spring into early summer offerings all up by the end of this February month so thanks for your interest and see you all soon ~ Hang gap lei.



for updates on our extended retreat stay offerings, and more news on events and happenings along Michigan’s Art coast.



Located in South Haven, Michigan, we're happily situated just outside of one of America's finest Freshwater resort towns. We look forward to your visit, and If you have any questions or we can be of service in any way, please don't hesitate to ask.

The Higher Haven Retreat Center was one of the coolest things I’ve ever done and an experience I’ll never forget. I found the indoor/outdoor yoga studio unique, the lunch delicious and the insights into meditation practice very helpful. I benefited tremendously from the purification Ceremony, and will never forget how pretty the sky was that evening. The day was great for self-reflection and connecting with nature, but also a nice day of bonding with my brother, aunt and cousin. I will be attending at least twice a year!
— Hillary Sawchuck, A Drink With - Detroit