About Private lessons

There’s an awful lot of talk about meditation and mindfulness
these days. Maybe too much talk, given the subject matter of
attaining inner silence! Whatever your technique or personal
definition of meditation, a key approach to getting under the surface of life and gaining momentum with a regular sitting practice is to understand meditation as an internal skill easily developed with systematic practice. With the right guidance, meditation quickly goes from a seemingly ethereal, subjective pursuit to a regular, empowering endeavor that enhances all areas of a practitioner's life.

As my own teacher Shinzen Young reflects, “Sigmund Freud said that with the right therapy, a patient can transform neurotic misery into common unhappiness. But with meditation, ordinary sorrow can be converted into extraordinary states of happiness.” So very true.

The most effective way to negotiate meditation’s steep learning curve while at the same time more quickly enjoy its immense benefits is to make a commitment to private meditation lessons. We offer one-hour sessions for $100, a six-hour packet for $500 and a twelve-session, Empowered Practice Plan for $1,000. Simply call The Higher Haven directly at 415-577-7126 to schedule your sessions, make a strong beginning or take your established practice to the next level.

Here’s what some of our recent practitioners are saying about how making a commitment to one-on-one sessions has behooved their practice as well as their personal lives:

After recently completing six individual sessions with Paul, words cannot sufficiently convey the benefits of this practice. I have found Paul to be a wonderful teacher, with great compassion and skill. He is able to guide his students to understand that real happiness comes only from within. I would never have imagined that this ancient practice could be so meaningful in our chaotic world. Meditation will be a part of my life, for the rest of my life. Imagine if we all were as fortunate to learn this craft.
— Janine
Paul’s insights and experience were instrumental as I worked to find a spiritual anchor to calm the everyday chaos. The Lake Michigan beach walking meditation was definitely my favorite meditation experience and was the most centered I have felt in a long time. I thoroughly enjoyed and looked forward to my hour a week of being present with Paul.
— Jim
After my first, one-hour consultation with Paul, I noticed immediate improvements with my meditative practice. Paul is a knowledgeable, kind and helpful teacher. The Higher Haven is nestled in a tranquil forest that makes for a great weekend getaway. I’ll be coming back.
— Carter