If you think you’re frazzled, consider your kids or teenage friends and relatives. During the school year, according to the American Psychological Association, teens are the most stressed demographic in the U.S. And high school students in particular are under constant pressure. But fortunately, they’re also well-suited to comprehend mindfulness and reap its rewards. Increasing attention spans, reducing stress, and developing an appreciation for the value of focus is often missing in the multi-tasking madness of the modern high schooler, regularly working on homework with an internet browser open while watching a video in another tab. Here’s a chance to make a significant shift.

In this three-hour Saturday workshop, we’ll get down to the foundation of what meditation is, how to do it, and with a little guidance, quickly begin experiencing the benefits of a regular practice, including developing a sense of inner calm, elevated performance levels in studies and sports and fostering inner strength. This class is open to All Experience Levels, with Parents, Big Kids and the Young at Heart also welcomed to attend in order to learn how to take a pause and reset in the midst of chaos, feel more in control of stresses, and connect to the moment at hand.

Saturday – October 5th schedule

Overview on the 4 principles of Meditation practice – Concentration, Relaxation, Insights into Reality and Unconditional Love - with instruction, sitting, walking, and discussion from 1:00 pm – 4:00 pm


Individual Attendee (1) - $60
Parent, Relative or Friend with Accompanying Young Person (2) - $100