In traditional cultures, the Contrarian brought teachings and healings of energetic renewal. Bad was turned to good, negative to positive, fear, anxiety, depression and other mental ills soothed with mind-training techniques and Ceremonial spiritual purification. By moving backwards or unconventionally and often outside societal restraints, Pueblos Jesters, Hopi Clowns and Lakota Heyokas tapped into supernatural forces that restored universal balance and harmony to the community, providing emotional healing, energetic uplift & renewed life vitality

In this overnight weekend workshop, we’ll study some of the most powerful indigenous techniques for restoring mental well-being. We’ll have an opportunity to reconnect with nature in a positive, primitive way. Everyone is welcome to take part in a traditional Inipi Sweat Lodge Ceremony — although the sweat is optional and all participants benefit from meditation training and simply experiencing our natural, simplified environment. This retreat weekend is for anyone who needs to reboot, reconnect, or reimagine life in a new way shape and form. Come and gain insight into living, shake off some fears, feel more in harmony with the rest of creation and spark a generally healthier, more positive approach to life.

Saturday - April 27th schedule

Noon Arrival and Welcome
Local Organic Vegan Lunch 12-1:30 pm
Relax, explore the woods, rivers and retreat grounds 1:30-3:30 pm
Gather for Meditation, Orientation and Ceremonial Intention Setting 3:30 pm
Inipi (Sweatlodge Ceremony) 6:30-8:30 pm
Wopila Celebration and Feast 9:00 pm
Deep Rest and Relaxation 10:00 pm

Sunday - April 28th schedule

Morning Song – a Class on making Spiritual Connections and gaining strength and wisdom through Spiritual Practice 9-10:00 am
Breakfast 10-11:00 am
Wind down and close 11-11:30 am
Option for continued exploration of retreat grounds, Lake Mishigama beaches & surrounding area


Retreat with Overnight stay in shared bed in private room - $225/person
Retreat with Overnight stay in Dorm room - $200/person
Option to Camp $175

+ Note: no fee is ever charged for Ceremony, costs cover meals and retreat house stay and a contribution of any proceeds given to the Sicangu People of Rosebud, South Dakota, USA.