Reboot, re-energize and reconnect with yourself and the natural world during this daylong gathering.

Are you looking for a way to reset your self-love button and connect with your inner
Goddess? Join Chef Chris Ferris and a band of gathered divinely feminine attendees at
September’s Sacred Beauty Workshop. Come spend an entire day in nature, down-
shifting with beautiful, centering meditations, meals of local, farm-to- table organic foods,
releasing tension thru movement, and remembering our innate knowing of what is real
and what feeds our souls. Tune out the outer world’s clamor for a bit while tuning into
your own radiant, inner self. Experience beauty through all of our senses with a carefully

choreographed series of exercises designed to help us remember what is real and
serves us and release what does not. The day culminates by taking part in a gentle,
sacred Ceremony led by Paul Tootalian, founder of The Higher Haven. Walk thru the
herb gardens, meditate by a peaceful river and reconnect with your true self.