Behold, one of the many powerful astrologers I crossed paths with on my recent trip to India. And  I don't mean the man, I mean the bird, the Parrot Astrologer, who, with small, green, Yoda-like precision, here picks the card revealing my fate. "Situation over. Problem solved," declared the Parrot's master upon eyeing the card.  That made me laugh, wishfully, although the card did provide an introduction to the brother of Ganesha, Murugan, who is also called Kartikeya. "Seven years from now, good time for you, good time for your family," proclaimed the Parrot Keeper, a positive prophecy I could easily live with. Far-off, somewhere in the night, a dog barked and a baby cried.

The Indian Astrological focus came about in part because the recent trip was orchestrated by none other than James Kelleher, a learned Vedic astrologer and world renowned reader. As a student of Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, James ended up assisting his astrologer M. K. Gandhi. a colorful background that fueled several great rambling bus talks on the power of Vedic astrology. James explained aspects of the Kuta System, the traditional Hindu computative method of measuring two peoples' level of connectedness in a relationship. The 0-36 Point System measures primarily the compatibility between the Moons and Nakshatras, the Moon showing emotional affinity and the ability to function as family. Of course there are many aspects to a successful relationship, but the guides say anything below an 18 could portend an inauspicious union. 21 and up I understand gets the arranged thumb's up. 

While Indian Parrot Astrology was a fun tourist experience, this true, age-old, star studied method to see if two people are suited or bondable is a constructive study, a look at the potentiality for unconscious levels of rooted connectedness between two souls. It's interesting too how rich the psychology of our modern families and relationships have become, given the primary reason for such relations, according to James per Swami Sivananda  was "just for basic needs", or security, for survival. Regardless, a reading can be very valuable in showing how two people are wired, and how they might be wired together. The Baggage Claim Department as James calls it, the place where personality patterns are revealed, chemistry considered, and challenging planetary periods negotiated with grace.