Wild Things ~ You Make My Heart Sing  ~ You Make Everything Groovy 

Wild Things ~ You Make My Heart Sing  ~ You Make Everything Groovy 

Cake, candles, and silent wishes considered, we celebrated a couple of very special, very unconventional birthdays at The Higher Haven a couple weeks back. Heather Winia and her sister Lisa Permesang came out and spent the day along with friends Tracy and Jason, Theresa, Sheri, Reneè, Anne, and our mighty anchor, Rock Man Johny Blue. Heather resides as a tribal member of The World Groove Movement, a group whose mission is to inspire and assist in the elevation of global consciousness, creativity, and vibrant health by giving people the permission and the space to be authentic and dance THEIR DANCE! In her own words:

“I am a LOVER of all things that Embody Beauty in this LIFE… the amazing outdoor environment in which we live, the uplifting spirit that lives within each and every one of us and the blessed uniqueness of our hearts, minds and bodies. Time disappears when I get to share these passions with others…especially on the DANCE floor! I feel blessed daily that I get to guide MEANINGFUL movement, foster FREEDOM from restrictions, ignite VIBRANCY and LOVE for a healthy life and self all while providing a safe, fun and happy place to be AUTHENTICALLY YOU! Let’s GROOVE!

No doubt. I love Heather because she’s an extremely unorthodox teacher of movement with a very solid, very cool following in Western Michigan, a following she’s clearly worked hard to establish. Our wooded paths crossed earlier this year when a friend informed me of  an outstanding outdoor exercise class that meets on Monday nights in Holland at local parks and beaches. The hellacious hills of dune stairs and stone platforms offered by  these sites are ideal for seriously getting your sweat on with box jumps, step routines, tricep dips and a number of other inventive kicks, crawls and pumps.

Summer took us out onto the beach and into the lake for scenic views that outshine the lookout from any urban gym. I shared an article with her focused on fitness groups that gather at iconic spots and National Landmarks because the vibe expressed by one of the organizers is exactly the same: “It creates a sentimental way to connect with your city. There’s a romantic component to it, you’re working out, endorphins are flowing, and you’re meeting cool new people.” It was a pleasure having our Monday night crew over to  introduce them to innovative meditative techniques coupled with an ancient healing modality of serious power.

Yoga, GROOVE, meditation, great grinds and traditional Ceremony turned out to be a killer combination. The feedback was overwhelmingly positive, folks reporting a sense of serenity and ease after having taken part in a spiritual purification experience that for most kicked it up or pleasantly down a notch. I’m looking forward to working with Heather coordinating more groups this Fall to take part in, again in her words, this deeply personal spiritual connection with your amazing self. True. Toksha, Until the Next