Finding calm amidst the craziness is only a brief car ride away. It's an upward, ever-evolving transformational undertaking that continually points one to the Journey. It's an ongoing inner movement of self-love leading to deepening levels of understanding, security and fulfillment.


A staple of urban life, our pastoral studio offers an indoor/outdoor experience of practicing in nature with the safety and security under a rood and central heat. Offering classes in the Hatha, Ashtanga and Vinyasa traditions, we work with an array of experienced teachers, including Karina Mirsky, Heather Winia and Adrienne White.



Embracing the traditional meaning of asana or yoga poses as "a mastery of sitting still", the practice of insight meditation (Vipassana) is an important element in our classes and retreats. Opening doors to brain health, stress relief and creativity, using meditation as an intentional creative tool of higher awareness helps quiet the mind and opens the heart.

  • Reduce stress and develop a sense of inner peace and calm.
  • Elevate performance levels at work, in sports and many additional endeavors.
  • Increase your appreciation and zeal for life by deepening your own spiritual understanding and beliefs.



"To Walk in Beauty" is a well-known Native American affirmation harkening to the possibility of living in effortless harmony with all of life, the essence of true abundance. Through spiritual purification, the power of creative self-expression and Ceremonial living, we empower ourselves to be our best, bring forth our greatest potential. 

  • Alleviate depression and other forms of modern day mental illness
  • Reduce Anxiety and addiction
  • Be the impetus for significant psychological and spiritual growth.

Call (415) 577-7126 to ask any question before making your selection.

I’ve cleansed and meditated and done yoga till I’m blue in the face, but an hour in the sweat lodge with Paul at the helm, cracked open parts of me that blew those other modalities out of the water.  I felt safe and supported (and sweaty) from start to close, but can’t wait to do it again.  And this time, I’m bringing a whole new gaggle of girlfriends, so they can experience the magic that I did
— Allie LeFevere


Often our classes and events involve our healthy, local organic vegan lunches, juicing and fasting cleanses and farm to table delicacies. Our garden and kitchen, guided by Chef Chris Ferris of Douglas' Farmhouse Deli, develops meal plans that support meditation and wellness environments. We balance the need to provide nutritious food for all our retreats with a level of personal preservation and self-care that is beneficial to practice. 

The Higher Haven's overnight plan is offered at two different levels of engagement.

  • Overnight stay in our farmhouse
  • Studio / Camping stay
This workshop was a profound experience that is still resonating today, and I have no doubt will continue to do the sound waves that went on and on after the crystal bowl was struck. Deep gratitude to Chris and Paul for creating it, their generosity in sharing so much, and inviting us into this transformative andbeautiful experience
— Sacred Beauty Workshop Attendee, Fall 2016